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Our BB Fertilizer Equipment Shipped to Ghana

Oct 11th, 2016. Our BB Fertilizer Equipment shipped to Ghana.

Fertilizer Blending System

Advanced Technologies:

The first-class product is designed on the basis of global advanced technologies. And it is the only specialized equipment for BB fertilizer production,which combines batching, blending and packaging together. As its compact construction and quick materials blending speed, time for materials to contact air is short. Therefore, it is not easy for fertilizer to absorb moisture and get damp.As a result,the influences of air moisture to the BB fertilizer production are remarkably reduced.

Scientific Processes

This production line combines batching, blending and packaging and is able to fulfill batching and packaging materials with any measuring range from 20kg to 50kg.It overcomes the segregation induced by the differences in materials specific gravities and gallantries in the flowing down process, which improves the precision of batching and packaging, and reduce the content loss of BB fertilizer(for other equipment, an additional 0.5 content is often needed).

Lower Investment

This equipment has the advantages of simple structure and reasonable design, and avoids lift repeatedly during batching and blending materials.Small floor area, which saves the space of workshop and money.

Lower Cost

Compare with traditional fertilizer equipment, our machine has a high degree of automation and low energy consumption, it saves manpower and reduces the cost.

Stable Performance

All parts that contact materials uses carbon steel, the key control system uses imported components. It has long service life and can run well both in cold area in north and humid area in south.

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