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Q.H.D SANNONG Modern Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech and leading manufacturer of Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant, Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant, Dry Granulation System, Automatic Packing and Robot Palletizing System. Mainly provides overall equipment and technology solutions for those powders and granules industry of Chemical, Fertilizer, Construction, and Grains etc. SANNONG is aiming to provide world famous Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Automatic Weighing and Blending System and Turnkey Fertilizer Plant Project for customers from all over the world.

SANNONG was established in the year 2002. Now we have more than 20000 square meters modern workshops and various advanced production equipment. Most of the domestic fertilizer companies are using our equipment and we have successfully widely exported our product and technology to Romania, Indonesia, New Zealand, Sir Lanka, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Egypt and many other countries. SANNONG has established a cooperation agreement with Swiss ABB Company to be strategic cooperation partners. With outstanding ISO9001 Quality Management Control System Attestation, European Union CE Safety Certification, as well as widely sales network and perfect service system covering the domestic and foreign markets, SANGNONG is now becoming a most powerful and influential manufacture in the Fertilizer and Chemical industry. We sincerely welcome your visitation and cooperation with our company!

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